The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Services at SEL for People with Mobility Limitations

The Science and Engineering Library (SEL) is in Lederle Graduate Research Center Low-Rise (LGRC), Room A273. The entrance to SEL is up one flight from the LGRC Low-Rise lobby (south end) on the 2nd floor.  413.545.1370 

LGRC is at the intersection (roundabout) of North Pleasant Street and Governors Drive. The LGRC complex consists of the Low-Rise and three white 16-floor Towers which are connected by a 2nd floor bridge over the central courtyard patio (where there are many bike racks).

Entrances to Lederle Graduate Research Center (LGRC)
The street entrance to the LGRC Low-Rise from the east is near the North Pleasant Street crosswalk on the north end of campus. Stairs lead from the ground floor lobby to the 2nd floor entrance of the Science and Engineering Library. An alternate entrance on the northwest side of the Low-Rise (closest to the roundabout) has elevator access to the 2nd floor. ADA accessible doors are available from the central patio at the south end of the Low-Rise. ADA accessible doors also lead to the LGRC Tower elevators and the 2nd floor connecting bridge between the buildings.

ADA button-activated, electrically powered doors are available from the central patio beneath the connecting bridge between the Low-Rise and the LGRC tower.
There is a ramp from the south leading to the central patio for the Low-Rise door. There are also doors of this sort to the entrance of the LGRC Tower. (Currently construction is blocking this ramp. ADA doors to the LGRC Tower lead to elevators. From the 2nd floor cross the connecting bridge to the Low-Rise and enter A273 Science and Engineering Library). The SEL Library door is ADA Accessible.

Elevators and Other Resources
An elevator is available at the north end of the LGRC Low-Rise that accesses the 2nd floor. Or, use the elevators in the LGRC Towers to access the 2nd floor connecting bridge to the Low-Rise. The entrance to the Science and Engineering Library Room A273 is off the stairwell at the other end of that bridge.

An elevator within the library accesses floors 1, 2, and 3. The basement floor is accessible by that elevator with staff intervention. All four floors are accessible from a stairwell within the library. 

Library staff at the Service Desk will gladly assist users who need help retrieving materials within the library.

Two wheel-chair accessible restrooms are located near the SEL Service desk on the 2nd floor (entrance level).

Several ADA parking spaces are located in the parking lot between the LGRC Low-Rise and the LGRC Tower. Access this lot from Governors Drive, just west of the roundabout.