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The University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries is embarking on an ambitious, multi-year project, to digitize more than a hundred years' worth of dissertations and theses.  This ensures the preservation of this important body of work, and enhances access to it.  You can view current dissertations and theses, and those that have been digitized, at ScholarWorks.

As we move through the collection of thousands of theses and dissertations, we will be approaching the individual authors to notify them of the digitization, offer them an opportunity to control distribution, and an opportunity to get an electronic copy of their dissertation. We include below a list of works whose authors did not respond to our notices, or whom we were not able to locate. Authors will be listed by their degree-granting department.

If you are a copyright holder for one of these works, and would like to provide additional information about a work, or discuss rights and access to the work, please contact Erin Jerome.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations Notice Board

Title Author Department Year PhD/Masters
A 1973-1984 cohort comparison of college students' life plans and career aspirations DeFant, Miriam A., 1960- Psychology 1985 M
The 1977-1978 archaeological excavations of the Lu cemeteries at Qufu, Shandong Draine, James Patrick, 1951- Chinese 2000 M
2MASS view of the LMC : structure, populations, kinematics Nikolaev, Sergei, 1970- Astronomy 2001 P
A 34-year sequential study of psychosocial development in adulthood Sneed, Joel R., 1972- Psychology 2002 P
Abandoning nature : European philosophy and the triumph of equal temperament Hudson, Noel David, 1974- History 2007 M
ABC's (Activity Based Curriculum) and cognitive abilities. James, William H., 1940- Psychology 1977 M
Academic characteristics and academic success patterns of community college transfer students at the University of Massachusetts. Beals, Ernest Wesley, 1930- Education 1968 P
Academic success of special service students in relation to some antecedent and demographic variables. Spiess, Eugene Robert, 1935- Education 1971 P
Academic, attitudinal and personality correlates of a cross-cultural educational experience. Driscoll, Francis George, 1925- Education 1969 P
The acceleration and dissolution of stars moving through the blackbody radiation of a collapsing universe Argon, Alice L., 1956- Astronomy 1986 P
Accountability in a federal education program. Fairley, Richard L., 1933- Education 1974 P
Accreditation of teacher education institutions: an historical and case study perspective. Millman, Howard L., 1945- Education 1972 P
Acquaintance influences memory for consistent versus inconsistent interpersonal information Van Manen, Scott F. (Scott Ford), 1957- Psychology 1994 M
The acquired distinctiveness of cues; the role of discriminative verbal responses in facilitating the acquisition of discriminative motor responses. Rossman, Irma L., 1926- Psychology 1950 M
Acquisition of differential responding to the presence or absence of moths in photographs by the Northern Bluejay (Cyanocitta cristata) Pietrewicz, Alexandra T., 1949- Psychology 1975 M
The acquisition of prenominal adjectives and adverbs to sentence composition by deaf-aphasic children,$$cby William Lee Heward. Heward, William L., 1949- Education 1974 P
The Activity method in teaching literature. Garvey, Anna Patricia. Education 1939 M
Activity, control, and the designed environment: the ELEMR project. Zimring, Craig. Psychology 1978 P
Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn and the Christian social theater of Vienna, 1898-1903. Geehr, Richard S. History 1973 P
Adaptation and cross-adaptation of the four gustatory qualities: a study of receptor specificity. Meiselman, Herbert L. Psychology 1967 P
An adaptation of the critical incidents technique to evaluate the process of developmentally disabled persons toward normal behavior. Zimring, Craig. Psychology 1977 M
Adequacy of conflict resolution and its relationship to general problem-solving ability, performance under stress, and selected emotional factors. Mokrejs, Linda Harthill, 1945- Psychology 1968 M
The adequacy of inkblots as a technique for characterizing individuals. Tanofsky, Robert, 1930- Psychology 1954 M
Adhesion of patterned polymer interfaces Chan, Edwin Pak-Nin, 1977- Polymer Science and Engineering 2007 P
Adjunct questions in the classroom. Dowaliby, Fred J., 1942- Psychology 1973 P
The adjustment of social studies subject matter to fit the needs of high school students in Windham, Connecticut. Roney, Jeanette Marie. Education 1937 M
The administration of an inter-disciplinary feasibility study, designed as a performance based dissertation in educational administration. Ojala, Milton H. Education 1970 P
Administration of physical education programs for Jewish community centers with limited facilities. Rosnick, Hyman O. Education 1938 M
Administrative strategies for enhancing teachers' self-perceptions. Pierce, Leslie Ann, 1946- Education 1974 P
Administrative techniques to improve relationships between cooperating teachers and their paraprofessionals. Wilkinson, Donald L., 1937- Education 1973 P
Adolescent depression : its prevalence and correlates Jenness-McClellan, Linda, 1947- Psychology 1993 P
The adolescent development of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people : conceptual and methodological issues Battle, Cynthia L., 1967- Psychology 1997 M
Adolescent identity development from a multicultural perspective Mague, Katherine C., 1969- Psychology 1997 M
Adolescent perception of responsibility and its relationship to progress and response to psychotherapy. Dozier, Cynthia Elaine, 1950- Psychology 1980 M
Adolescents' defense mechanisms and associations with behavioral symptomatology : a longitudinal study Wright, Virginia C., 1963- Psychology 1991 M
Adult attachment style, passionate love, and the frustration of intimacy goals Vernon, Michael L., 1972- Psychology 2006 M
Adult education needs in the town of South Hadley. Sigda, Robert B. Education 1964 M
Aesthetic education: its aim within the context of an integrated arts curriculum. Walters, Daniel Nelson, 1940- Education 1974 P
Affect and reading : theory and practice. Boffey, David Barnes, 1945- Education 1972 P
Affiliation and athletic participation among African-American university students : an exploratory study Flood, Susan Elizabeth, 1957- Psychology 1997 P
Affirmative administration: a concept for making urban training programs work. Brady, Wilma Ellis. Education 1974 P
The Afro-American community and the birth control movement, 1918- 1942 Rodrique, Jessie M., 1959- History 1991 P
Against custodial education: the introduction of open campus into Worcester South High School; a historical documentation. Hynes, William B., 1937- Education 1973 P
Age differences in eye movements during video viewing Kirkorian, Heather L., 1980- Psychology 2007 P
Aggregation of interacting polyelectrolytes and sequence and conformations of polyampholytes Srivastava, Devesh, 1966- Polymer Science and Engineering 1997 P
Aggressive behavior and the perception of violence. Fremouw, William J. Psychology 1971 M
Agobard and his relations with the Jews. Minsky, Michael G., 1946- History 1971 M
Aid available to college students of today. Quirk, Thomas J. Education 1943 M
Alcohol, anxiety and performance. DuHamel, Thomas Roland, 1943- Psychology 1968 M
Alienation and emotional well-being. Twaite, Allison C., 1948- Psychology 1974 M
Alienation and interpersonal perception among female adolescent runaways and truants. Chisholm, June Faye, 1949- Psychology 1978 P
Alienation as a function of perceived disjunction between present behavior and goals. Munson, Lois, 1940- Psychology 1971 M
Alienation from society, peers, and self: a study of patients and therapist in traditional and free outpatient mental health clinics,$$cby Richard Eugene Merwin, Jr. Merwin, Richard Eugene, 1945- Psychology 1975 P
Alienation from society, self estrangement, and personality characteristics from the MMP1 in normals and schizophrenics. Merwin, Richard E., 1945- Psychology 1971 M
Alienation: from critique to conformity. Cohen, Howard. Psychology 1977 M
Aliphatic polyesters with pendent unsaturation and poly(ethylene glycol) groups : synthesis, characterization, and encapsulation studies Parrish, Bryan K., 1977- Polymer Science and Engineering 2006 P
All hands are enjoined to spin : textile production in seventeenth-century Massachusetts Ouellette, Susan M., 1954- History 1996 P
Allocation of behavior by Northern blue jays in response to prey density changes in two foraging areas. Peters, Jerrilynn, 1954- Psychology 1982 M
Alternative life styles in university residences: personal and environmental factors. Southworth, Barbara Tabor, 1923- Education 1974 P
Alternatives in African education: the need for a synthesis between the tradition and the new systems. Manuwuike, Chukwuemeka, 1937- Education 1971 P
Altruism and moral development; a study of the relationship between children's sharing behavior and level of moral development. Callahan, Stephen A., 1946- Psychology 1974 M
Altruism, sharing, and reciprocity in children as related to friendship status. Falkowski, John J., 1949- Psychology 1973 M
Always look on the bright side of life : the relationship between coping humor, negative life events, and life satisfaction in American and Israeli college students Hofstein, Yariv, 1975- Psychology 2005 M
Ambiguity resolution of the dative NP in Korean Koh, Sungryong, 1965- Psychology 1995 M
American attitudes towards the revolt against the Obregón government. Brennan, Edward Daniel, 1937- History 1966 M
American history for non-academic high school pupils. Avery, Rexford Hanson, 1916- Education 1941 M
American history for non-college students. Fenton, William E. Education 1950 M
American identity crisis : the relation between national, social, and personal identity in a multiethnic sample Rodriguez, Liliana, 1979- Psychology 2008 P
American Jacobins : revolutionary radicalism in the Civil War era Reed, Jordan Lewis, 1980- History 2009 P
American man : the ambitious searches of Richard Wright and Ernest Hemingway Forbes, Michael Kwame, 1972- Afro-American Studies 2007 P
American workers, American empire : Morrison I. Swift, Boston, Massachusetts and the making of working-class imperial citizenship, 1890-1920 Jackson, Justin Frederick, 1979- History 2007 M
Amherst soldiers in the American Revolution Noblick, Martha N., 1948- History 1984 M
Aminoiminate metal complexes : novel catalysts for alpha-olefin polymerizations Jin, Xin, 1969- Polymer Science and Engineering 2000 P
Analyses of response latency and hypothesis behavior for learning set performance obtained from the bluejay (Cyancocitta cristata) using two and three dimensional stimuli. Hunter, Maxwell W., 1946- Psychology 1972 P
An analysis and evaluation of the Wechsler-Bellevue patterns of alcoholics with auditory and visual hallucinations with an attempt to discover any discriminable diagnostic pattern. Binder, Arnold. Psychology 1951 M
An analysis of commitment. Holmes, William H., 1949- Psychology 1973 M
An analysis of counselor interaction with disadvantaged youth in a compensatory educational program utilizing four selected case studies. Elgrim, Dennis Eugene, 1935- Education 1970 P
Analysis of critical issues and incidents in the New York City school crisis, 1967-1970, and their implications for urban education in the 1970's. McCoy, Rhody Arnold, 1923- Education 1971 P
An analysis of dyadic conflict among toddlers Lowell, Jeffrey D., 1949- Psychology 1983 P
An analysis of early childhood teacher education programs in Massachusetts Thompson, James G., 1952- Education 1987 P
An analysis of federal delivery systems for early child development services. Bruce, Preston, 1936- Education 1972 P
An analysis of leader behavior and leadership styles through the case study method. Morgan, Ann Forest, 1942- Education 1974 P
An analysis of molecular parameters governing phase separation in a reacting polyurethane system Yontz, Dorie J., 1972- Polymer Science and Engineering 1999 P
An analysis of socio-economic status and self-esteem in relation to minority student academic accomplishments in compensatory programs. Downs, Raymond A., 1936- Education 1975 P
An analysis of some of the characteristics of a group of students at South Hadley High School in relation to their use of automobiles. Buss, Donald J. Education 1960 M
Analysis of teacher non-verbal behavior and student perceptions of that behavior in a high school typewriting classroom,$$cby Patricia Ann Keck Fredrickson. Fredrickson, Patricia A. K., 1931- Education 1974 P
An analysis of the Bilingual Education Act, 1967-68 Sanchez, Gilbert, 1936- Education 1973 P
An analysis of the changes in the freshman year experience at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1968-1973. Davis, Allen Jeffrey, 1946- Education 1973 P
An analysis of the clinical judgement of psychological adjustment. Zanor, Charles William, 1945- Psychology 1970 M
An analysis of the effectiveness of selected short term summer training programs as sources of information about educational innovations. Leary, Paul Anthony, 1938- Education 1969 P
An analysis of the effects of a summer remediation and counseling sequence on nonadmissible applicants' goal attainment at a regional community college in western Massachusetts. Shea, John Joseph, 1933- Education 1967 P
An analysis of the effects of group counseling on the reduction of transfer-shock on community college students transferring to the University of Massachusetts. Minichiello, William E. Education 1971 P
An analysis of the errors made in elementary algebra. McKenna, Elizabeth Anne. Education 1940 M
Analysis of the health cards of one hundred pupils in the Longmeadow public schools. Keating, Francis X. Education 1939 M
An analysis of the impact of Outward Bound in twelve high schools. Schulze, Joseph R. (Joseph Rodgers), 1941- Education 1972 P
An analysis of the interaction of incentive and relative event frequency effects. Lipkin, Stanley George, 1941- Psychology 1966 P
An analysis of the interactions between a county community mental health center and local school districts. Cannon, Levester, 1935- Education 1974 P
An analysis of the predictive validity of the Lee-Clark Reading Readiness Test as used in the Athol schools. Durnford, Gordon C. Education 1961 M
An analysis of the professional reading habits of secondary school science teachers of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York,$$cby Albert L. Specht, Jr. Specht, Albert L. Education 1960 M
An analysis of three elementary science programs in the design of a competency-based pre-service elementary science education program. Kaufman, Barry A. Education 1972 P
An analysis of two styles of teacher/client interactions. Tyson, Madalyn Esta, 1951- Psychology 1983 P
An analysis of varying levels of achievement attained by pupils from rural communities in a consolidated high school. Deady, John E. Education 1950 M
An analytical study of teacher certification processes as perceived by leadership personnel within the teacher education and certification sections of the fifty state education agencies, with special emphasis on the development of the performance-based movement. Frinks, Marshall Lee, 1934- Education 1971 P
Anatomy of a helping situation: some personality and situational determinants of helping in a conflict situation involving another's psychological distress. Feinberg, Helene K., 1947- Psychology 1978 P
Anatomy of the Gem OB1 molecular cloud complex Carpenter, John Michael, 1966- Astronomy 1994 P
Anatomy of the nodose ganglion in the rat: central projections of afferent fibers in the hepatic vagus. Pipkin, Bonnie E., 1946- Psychology 1983 M
Androgen effects on food intake, body weight and carcass composition in male rats. Siegel, Linda Irene, 1953- Psychology 1981 P
Anglo-American blood sports, 1776-1889: a study of changing morals. Berryman, Jack William, 1947- History 1974 M
Animacy effects in picture naming and bilingual translation : perceptual and semantic contributions to concept-mediation Sholl, Alexandra, 1968- Psychology 1996 P
Animal hoarding : developing a theoretical model Spofford, Christopher M., 1975- Psychology 2006 M
Animistic responses as influenced by experimentally strengthened associative chains and set-inducing instructions. Simmons, Alvin J. Psychology 1960 P
An annotated translation of "Accounts of supernatural retribution" Billings, Elliot Meier, 1973- Chinese 2004 M
Another martyr for old Ireland Williams, Sharon Leigh, 1963- History 1996 P
Antecedents and distractors in the anaphor resolution process : the influence of relative strength of association in memory Mason, Robert A., 1969- Psychology 1998 P
Anticipated efficacy and difficulty of action as determinants of reactions to fear arousing communications. Stern, Gary Stanley, 1939- Psychology 1971 P
Anticipated roles of future educators: a Delphi study. Waldera, Donald Robert, 1942- Education 1972 P
Anxiety and eating in the overweight: the psychosomatic hypothesis revisited. Kerr, Bruce Britton, 1952- Psychology 1981 M
Anxiety, depression, and older veterans : implications for functional status Solano, Nancy Helen, 1972- Psychology 2000 P
The application of a specific questioning model to two-hundred thirteen teacher-pupil conferences in individualized reading in three elementary schools. Connors, Judith M. Education 1974 P
An application of Comprehensive Achievement Monitoring to a component of a teacher preparation program. Smith, Stephen Morgan, 1947- Education 1974 P
An application of computer technology to educational administration. Linstone, Robert Theodroe, 1924- Education 1969 P
An application of psychometric models and ATI methodology to the evaluation of instruction. Sheehan, Daniel S., 1945- Education 1973 P
An application of statistical method in an effort to improve the results of high school marking system. Williams, F. Earle. Education 1933 M
The application of task and role analysis to define the salient elements of mental health technology,$$cby Marga S. Coler. Coler, Marga Simon, 1930- Education 1975 P
Application of teaching-coaching methodology to the level of a vocational school. McGrath, Edward J. Education 1951 M
Application of the general linear model to the analysis of time series data, and philosophical reflections. Coulson, Douglas Bill, 1946- Psychology 1978 P
The application of transactional analysis to the contemporary educational scene. Slote, Gilbert M., 1929- Education 1973 P
Applications of the olefin metathesis reaction; Application of carbon-hydrogen bond activation to the surface oxidation of polypropylene and polyethylene Coleman, Catherine G., 1960- Polymer Science and Engineering 1991 P
Appreciation in the study and teaching of literature. Hilliker, Una Dean. Education 1934 M
Approach and avoidance responses to a TAT dimension as related to reaction time and galvanic skin response on a word association test. Nelson, J. Thor, 1938- Psychology 1961 M
An approach to play. Miller, Lillian M., 1946- Psychology 1972 M
An approach to redesign elementary schools. Barker, Gordon Henry, 1943- Education 1975 P
An approach to the teaching of science in the elementary grades. Dillon, Catherine F. Education 1953 M
Arab reform thought and the emergence of Arabism 1876-1916. Saadi, Dominic, 1946- History 1970 M
Are modern educational theories really new? Dufault, John P. Education 1953 M
An arithmetic program for grade one. MacDonald, Virginia. Education 1960 M
Arminianism in England, 1595-1629. Amaru, Betsy Halpern, 1939- History 1969 P
Arousal and reactivity of schizophrenics and normals as a function of event expectancy. Hoobler, Raymond L. Psychology 1973 M
Art and the early Third Republic designs for social engineering in France (1876-1890) Levin, Miriam R. History 1980 P
Art style preference relationships to personological and sociological variables. Jarvesoo, Aino, 1910- Education 1971 P
Articulatory errors leading to unintelligibility in the speech of eighty-seven deaf children,$$cby Fred C. Numbers, Jr. Numbers, Fred Cheffins, 1887- Education 1936 M
Aspects of environmental degradation and fracture in polymer films and fibers Walsh, Peter J., 1966- Polymer Science and Engineering 2007 P
Assembly, cross-linking and encapsulation using functionalized nanoparticles at liquid interfaces Tangirala, Ravisubhash, 1979- Polymer Science and Engineering 2009 P
Assertion and machiavellianism. Moon, Tae-Hyun, 1957- Psychology 1981 M
Assessing adaptation equivalence in cross-lingual and cross-cultural assessment using linear structural equations models Purwono, Urip, 1957- Psychology 2004 P
Assessing and creating the community environmental press in selected independent secondary schools. Scheel, William Preston, 1936- Education 1971 P
Assessing community perceptions of the public schools using public opinion polling. Solomon, Dudley I., 1929- Education 1971 P
Assessing polyelectrolyte effective charge Popov, Alexei M., 1977- Polymer Science and Engineering 2007 P
Assessing the vocational maturity of students in the East Central State of Nigeria. Achebe, Chinwe. Education 1975 P
An assessment of a cooperative education program for disadvantaged youth in Boston High School, Boston, Massachusetts. Manning, John P., 1932- Education 1973 P
An assessment of a team governance-team teaching project in the junior high school, Rockland, Massachusetts. Rogers, John W., 1932- Education 1973 P
Assessment of educational environments: the public alternative school and its students. Gluckstern, Steven M., 1951- Education 1974 P
An assessment of four HEW-USOE summer research/evaluation training institutes at the University of New Hampshire,$$cby Everett William Barnes, Jr. Barnes, Everett William, 1943- Education 1973 P
The assessment of intervention effects in time series processes White, John B., 1954- Psychology 1985 P
An assessment of the attitudinal stance of the staff, parents and students of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District as they relate to the Performance Objective Program,$$cby James Richard McDonnell, Jr. McDonnell, James Richard, 1944- Education 1973 P
An assessment of the future in-service training needs of school principals in Massachusetts: a delphi study. Carey, Dennis M., 1944- Education 1972 P
An assessment of the second-year operation of the team-teaching, team-governance program in the Rockland Junior High School, Rockland, Massachusetts. Dovner, Louis B. Education 1973 P
Associative processes in syllogistic reasoning: a neo-behavioristic analysis. Pezzoli, Jean Ann, 1943- Psychology 1967 M
Atom transfer radical polymerization : fundamentals, challenges, and application Kwark, Young-Je, 1969- Polymer Science and Engineering 2001 P
Attachment and emotional experience in romantic relationships Rinehart, Lucy B., 1968- Psychology 1996 P
Attachment and psychosocial functioning of depressed, remitted depressed, and nondepressed women and their partners Fiala, Katherine B., 1962- Psychology 1991 P
Attachment and styles of conflict resolution in close relationships Rinehart, Lucy B., 1968- Psychology 1993 M
An attempt to measure the effectiveness of vocational education in agriculture in the State of Massachusetts. Mayo, William Irving. Education 1943 M
Attempts, control and weight reduction : an application of a theory of planned behavior Schifter, Deborah E., 1951- Psychology 1984 M
Attention and eye movement control : interaction of top-down and bottom-up information Li, Xingshan, 1971- Psychology 2007 P
Attention in the preschool classroom : the relationships among child gender, child misbehavior, and teacher attention Dobbs, Jennifer E., 1978- Psychology 2002 M
Attentional patterns in 5-year-olds' toy play : test of attentional inertia in toy play Choi, Hyewon Park, 1957- Psychology 1988 P
The attitude of the British Labour Party on foreign policy, 1931-1938. Thornton, Henry S. History 1947 M
Attitudes and smoking : on having half a mind to quit Hecker, Bernard Louis, 1959- Psychology 1985 P
Attitudes and weight reduction. Sejwacz, Dorothy, 1948- Psychology 1977 P
The attitudes of the American business community to the Soviet Union, 1917-1933. Behenna, Patricia J., 1946- History 1971 M
Attitudes toward Asian Americans : developing a prejudice scale Lin, Monica H., 1973- Psychology 1999 M
Attitudes toward women and equality : individual difference effects on gender-relevant decision-making Rosenblum, Sheri L., 1961- Psychology 1990 M
Attributed freedom, locus of control and the stimulus person's intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Crinklaw, Linda Diana, 1948- Psychology 1974 P
Attribution for conflict in close relationships and its relation to memory and relationship evaluation Zuschlag, Michael K., 1962- Psychology 1987 M
The attribution of freedom by oneself and an observer. Bringle, Robert G. Psychology 1974 P
Attributions of poverty and affluence: an information processing analysis. Miller, Robert L., 1953- Psychology 1978 M
Attrition from a parent training prevention program for conduct problems Baker, Courtney N., 1981- Psychology 2007 M
An audiovisual program for the Pioneer Valley Regional School and elementary schools of Union #18. Facey, Edith J. Education 1964 M
An auditory and visual discrimination test for kindergarten and first grade children; a new approach. Van Camp, Sarah Street, 1920- Education 1970 P
Auditory pattern perception in human infants. Morrongiello, Barbara A., 1955- Psychology 1982 P
August vacation : a planned treatment interruption Bush, Rachel Wilhelm, 1962- Psychology 1989 P
Austria as a Carolingian frontier (700-907). Bowlus, Charles Russell. History 1973 P
Automation! Where it is taking us. Lynch, John R. Education 1965 M
Availability of an avoidance response as related to fear and anxiety. Szpiler, Jack Alexander. Psychology 1973 M
The availability of salient and conceptually central properties of concepts in different contexts Friedman-Berg, Ferne Joi, 1967- Psychology 2003 P
Awareness and the classical conditioning of attitudes. King, David, 1950- Psychology 1975 M
The AzTEC millimeter-wave camera : design, integration, performance, and the characterization of the (sub-)millimeter galaxy population Austermann, Jason Edward, 1978- Astronomy 2009 P
The balance beam : rule induction and transfer Arriola, Leslie K., 1944- Psychology 1987 M
Barely staying alive : a case study of a male with anorexia nervosa and a survey of therapists working with anorectic patients Rumpf, Teri Pomerantz, 1948- Psychology 1984 P
Barnard, his work in Connecticut. Beyer, Emil H. Education 1941 M
Barriers to treatment in an ethnically diverse sample of women with serious mental illness Simon, Stacy L., 1975- Psychology 2005 P
Basic and superordinate level categorization by autistic preschoolers and their typical peers Izeman, Susan G., 1959- Psychology 1988 M
A basic communications curriculum model for collegiate students with marginal and/or varying degrees of learning skills competency. Schreck, William R., 1941- Education 1973 P
The basic theoretical contribution of Chester I. Barnard to contemporary administrative thought. Donnelly, Daniel Gerard. Education 1966 P
Basileos Anglorum; a study of the life and reign of King Athelstan of England, 924-939. Cronenwett, Philip Nathaniel, 1946- History 1975 P
Becket Academy, the first seven years, A case study. Wolter, John J. Education 1972 P
Becoming a psychotherapist : influences on career choice and implications for practice Murphy, Robert A., 1963- Psychology 1993 M
The Beecher-Tilton adultery scandal: family, religion, and politics in Brooklyn, 1865-1875. Waller, Altina L. (Altina Laura), 1940- History 1980 P
Before the second wave : college women, cultural literacy, sexuality and identity, 1940-1965 Faehmel, Babette, 1970- History 2009 P
Behavior and attitude change in emotionally disturbed children through the combined use of modeling, roleplaying and reinforcement. Berenson, Jon Kenneth, 1945- Psychology 1975 P
Behavioral and physiological consequences of crowding in humans. Evans, Gary W. (Gary William), 1948- Psychology 1975 P
Behavioral contrast and the development of inhibitory stimulus control. Couch, James V. Psychology 1972 P
The behavioral correlates of alternative lighting designs. Birenbaum, Lauren A., 1954- Psychology 1979 M
Belief systems, exposure to stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans Fletcher, Kenneth Eugene, 1946- Psychology 1988 P
Beliefs about the sexual victimization of children. Shrum, Rebecca Alleen, 1949- Psychology 1983 M
Beneath consensus : business, labor, and the post-war order Fones-Wolf, Elizabeth A., 1954- History 1990 P
Between 'true women' and 'new women': Mount Holyoke students, 1837 to 1908. Rota, Tiziana. History 1983 P
Between a crown and a gibbet: Benjamin F. Butler and the early war years. Nellis, David M. History 1973 M
Between daya and doctor : a history of the impact of modern nation-state building on health east and west of the Jordan river Young, Elise G. History 1997 P
Between the black diaspora of enslavement and the Nigerian diaspora since the demise of colonialism : an assessment of the consequences of two historic migrations to the United States Udofia, Paul E. Afro American Studies 2007 P
Between two worlds: mainland Puerto Rican youth; some correlates of ethnic identification,$$cby Nydia I. Santiago Nazario. Santiago Nazario, Nydia I., 1952- Psychology 1979 M
Beyond bureaucratic staffing: an organic-adaptive model for schools. DeBloois, Michael L. Education 1970 P
Beyond chess : the effects of anger on person perception Shapiro, Daniel, 1971- Psychology 1997 M
Beyond the ballot box: a social history of the Boston Irish, 1845-1917,$$cby Dennis Patrick Ryan. Ryan, Dennis P., 1943- History 1979 P
Biased recall in anxiety : competing forces of emotional avoidance and information processing biases Simon, Stacy L., 1975- Psychology 2002 M
Biases in the decoding of others' facial expressions Donovan, Sean, 1967- Psychology 1993 M
Bilingual memory : a second look at emotionality in free-recall Martinez, Arelis Mairim, 1975- Psychology 2002 M
The Billy Mitchell court-martial of 1925. Mulholland, Mitchell Joseph Bernard, 1918- History 1965 M
Biological activity and dynamic structure in artificial protein hydrogels Kennedy, Scott B., 1974- Polymer Science and Engineering 2002 P
Biological dimension of the value theory of the ANISA Educational Model. Raman, S. Pattabi. Education 1974 P
The biology of the demodicids of man,$$cby Clifford Edward Desch, Jr. Desch, Clifford Edward, 1944- Education 1973 P
Birefringence relaxation studies on polyethylene. Anderson, David P., 1951- Polymer Science and Engineering 1981 P
Birth control knowledge, attitudes and practice : a comparison of working and middle class Puerto Rican and white American women Borrás, Vickie A., 1952- Psychology 1984 P
The birth of American tourism : New York, the Hudson Valley, and American culture, 1790-1835 Gassan, Richard H., 1958- History 2002 P
Birth order and personality traits, style, and structure: differences reflected by projective tests. Stagner, Brian Huntting, 1951- Psychology 1982 P
Bisphenol a carbonate cyclic oligomers : novel building blocks for polymer blends Nachlis, Warren L., 1965- Polymer Science and Engineering 1993 P
Black and ethnic studies programs at public schools: elementary and secondary. Giles, Raymond H. Education 1972 P
The black college as a contributor to the intellectual common market: readiness of faculty and students of the black college for international involvement. Shepard, Cynthia Norton, 1928- Education 1972 P
The black college community. Ray, Leroy Ronald, 1930- Education 1971 P
Black neighbors : race and the limits of reform in the American settlement house movement, 1890-1945 Lasch, Elisabeth Dan, 1959- History 1990 P
Black students' perceptions of independent schools: a comparison of scores on the learning atmosphere attitude scale with selected school and student characteristics. Bell, Cary Edward, 1942- Education 1975 P
Black studies : a challenge to the American educational system. Harris, Jeanette G. Davis, 1931- Education 1974 P
The blacks, and the right of revolution: The rise and dialogue of Black (and White) militancy and radicalism in antebellum America. Lenz, Peter A., 1937- History 1970 M
Blends of polyimides with poly(ether ether ketone) and PEEK derivatives Karcha, Robert J., 1962- Polymer Science and Engineering 1990 P
Blocking and stimulus salience in the pigeon (Columba livia) nictating membrane response Burns, Rosalind, 1958- Psychology 1989 P
The blocking of conditioned reinforcement Palmer, David C., 1947- Psychology 1988 P
A blueprint for language study in the Buckland-Colrain-Shelburne School Union. Chase, J. Ardelle. Education 1963 M
The body schema of normal and mentally retarded children. Clapp, Robert Kenneth, 1940- Psychology 1969 P
Borderline personality disorder features in a non-clinical sample Prairie, Ellen M., 1970- Psychology 2001 M
Borderline personality organization: a family perspective. Schoenfeld, Eva, 1949- Psychology 1979 P
Born-again Christians need not apply: religious discrimination in clinical psychology graduate school admissions. Gartner, John Douglas, 1958- Psychology 1982 M
Breast cancer patients: depression and satisfaction with support systems. Rumpf, Therese P., 1948- Psychology 1980 M
Bringing wildlife to millions; : William Temple Hornaday; the early years; 1854-1896. Dolph, James Andrew, 1939. History 1975 P
British foreign policy and public opinion: The Munich Week, September 23-30, 1938. Homer, John Robert, 1935- History 1963 M
British teachers' centers and their implications for American education. Woodruff, Phillip H., 1923- Education 1974 P
The British-owned railroads and the Unión Cívica Radical: a study in the political uses of foreign capital, 1916-1930. Goodwin, Paul B., 1942- History 1971 P
Brown adipose tissue of hypothalamic knife-cut rats : effects of high-carbohydrate and high-fat diets Hamilton, Joan M., 1955- Psychology 1984 M
Building a high school program of art to fit the needs of a changing world. Roy, Ida B. Education 1943 M
Building different types of causal relationships : with implications for special populations (the case of right hemisphere damage) Mohamed, Mohamed Taha, 1967- Psychology 2003 P
Burnings and blessings : the cultural reality of the supernatural across early modern spaces Rushford, Thomas J., 1958- History 2007 P
A calorimetric evaluation of the peel adhesion test Goldfarb, Jay L., 1964- Polymer Science and Engineering 1992 P
Calorimetric Studies of Bulk Polymers. Beatty, Charles L., 1939- Polymer Science and Engineering 1972 P
The Camp Weather Bureau as a means of attaining some of the goals of science teaching. Bartlett, Fernand E. Education 1948 M
Can complement frames help children learn the meaning of abstract verbs? Asplin, Kristen N., 1970- Psychology 2002 P
A canonical correlational analysis of the strong vocational interest blank and the California Psychological Inventory. Flammer, Donald Patrick, 1948- Psychology 1969 M
Capillary electrophoresis of polyelectrolytes in dilute neutral polymer solutions : simulations and model experiments Starkweather, Margaret E., 1962- Polymer Science and Engineering 1998 P
Cardiac and behavioral responsivity to repeated auditory stimulation in the human preterm neonate. Krafchuk, Elizabeth, 1953- Psychology 1981 M
Carl Rogers: self, freedom and education. Frank, Richard E., 1943- Education 1973 P
A case analysis of institutional change and its relationship to conflict with a focus on policy formulation. Wotruba, Richard Thomas, 1937- Education 1972 P
Case studies in residence hall administration. Burkhardt, William H., Jr. Education 1964 M
A case study : implementation of a plan for educational reform in the Washington, D.C. public school system: the Clark Plan. Jenkins, Ralph C., 1933- Education 1973 P
A case study in urban teacher education: the Center for Inner City Studies, 1966-1971. Butler, Gerald, 1930- Education 1971 P
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