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Information for Instructors

UMass Libraries Course Materials

Instructors of UMass Amherst courses can put a wide variety of material on physical or digital reserve.

Information about UMass Libraries' digital course materials: this can include scanned book chapters and journal articles, links to electronic databases and eBooks, and links to full length or excerpted audiovisual material

  • Available to students directly from your LMS course page 24 hours a day
  • Free for students to use

Information about UMass Libraries' physical course materials: this can include library owned books, journals and scores., instructor supplied copies of textbooks and class notes, as well as library owned and instructor supplied audiovisual materials.

Information about printed coursepacks: printed coursepacks are collections of journal, magazine or newspaper articles, book excerpts and other materials, licensed, printed, and bound by a print shop or online vendor.

  • Printed and delivered to campus
  • Students pay to purchase

Not sure what to choose or need more information? Contact Reserves staff for help.

Need assistance finding materials to put on reserve for your course? Please contact your academic liaison.

Want to find out more about open educational resources available freely and openly for anyone to use?

Or find out more about receiving grants for designing your own open access educational materials?