The University of Massachusetts Amherst

HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access to End June 22, 2021

With the UMass Libraries buildings reopening to the campus community and public on June 21, the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS), which has allowed digital access to some of the print books in the stacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, will end.

HathiTrust ETAS aids libraries suffering an involuntary, temporary disruption to normal operations, such as COVID-19, which closes the library to its patrons, or otherwise restricts print collection access. Through it, UMass Libraries patrons have been able to access digital materials in HathiTrust that correspond to physical books held by the Libraries. During this time, the Libraries did not circulate the books covered by ETAS, in order to abide by copyright laws. With the reopening of Libraries buildings and access to the stacks restored, the Libraries must end the ETAS on June 21, in order to remain in compliance with copyright. 

About a quarter of the Libraries print collection will continue to be—and had been, prior to the pandemic—accessible via HathiTrust. These materials are in the public domain or have open access licenses, and can be used at any time. They will continue to be available via links in the UMass Libraries catalog.

For questions about changes to the Libraries’ HathiTrust access, please contact