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Faculty Commons

The Faculty Commons is a space dedicated to faculty, librarians, and library staff. Located on the 26th floor of the W. E. B. Du Bois Library, it is intended to be a scholarly workplace. The Faculty Commons is open and accessible all hours the W. E. B. Du Bois Library is open.


Faculty, librarians, and library staff are eligible to use the Faculty Commons.


Entry requires a valid UMass Amherst UCard. Faculty, librarians, and library staff who wish to access the space, please submit a request via the website.

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General Guidelines

  • While the space is not a quiet space, any discussion should be kept to a reasonable volume. Those using the Commons are expected to be considerate of their colleagues. Earplugs are available in the Commons for those who require complete silence for their work.
  • Calls via cell phone or computer should not be conducted in the space. Sound proof booths are available in the Library on floors 2 and 3 and the Lower Level.
  • Earphones should be used when listening to audio, at a volume that is inaudible to others.
  • The Libraries are not responsible for personal items. Please do not leave them unattended.
  • Be considerate of others. Avoid bringing odiferous food into the Commons. Clean up after yourself when you leave the Commons.
  • Library materials left in the Commons will be removed and re-shelved daily.


  • LCD projector/pull-down screen.
  • Collaborative workrooms (2 available), including 32” flat screen display and laptop connection; each room can accommodate up to 5 users.
  • 2 iMac computers with dual boot capability (Windows and Mac OS platform cross-compatible).
  • 2 PC computers (Dell).
  • 1 photocopier/printer/scanner.


  • Lockers for use by patrons of the Faculty Commons are available on a first-come, first-served basis for a semester-long term with a valid UMass faculty or librarian UCard.
  • Locker keys are available at the Learning Commons Desk on the Lower Level.
  • Read the full usage policy here.

Emergency and personal safety

  • You are required to leave the building when the fire alarm is activated.
  • Report threatening behavior to the Du Bois Library Information Desk 413.545.0840.
  • Emergencies: Call 911 from a campus phone or 413.545.3111 from a cell phone.

Faculty Commons