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* If the sponsor/co-sponsor is other than the Library - provide Business Manager Contact Information for sponsoring/co-sponsoring department. If there are multiple sponsors, please contact Emily Dine,


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Specific Event Requirements

Food? (permission required - catered meals must be provided by UMass Catering per Univ. policy)
Alcohol? (library sponsored events only)

Publicity for your Event or Exhibit (library sponsored events only)

Will you need publicity help?

If an exhibit, include the quantity of pieces and the format (photos, letters, paintings, etc.) and a statement from the artist (if applicable). If an event, provide as much descriptive detail as possible with a bio of the speaker if possible.

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RSVP required?
Will you be supplying any artwork or images?
Will you be supplying additional biographical information on speakers or exhibitors?

Please send high-resolution artwork/images, speaker or biographical information via email or USB drive to Leslie Schaler

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