The University of Massachusetts Amherst

W. E. B. Du Bois Library Call Number Directory

Call numbers beginning withFloorSubject(s)
A 17 General Works
B 20 Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C 15 History
D-DR 15 History
DS-DZ 14 History
E 14 History
F 14 History
G 18 Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H-HG 1999 18 Social Sciences
HG 2000-HZ 17 Social Sciences
J 17 Political Science
K 8 Law
L 20 Education
M 9 Music, CD collection
N 9 Art
P-PQ 5999 8 Language and Literature
PQ 6000-PT 11 Literature
PZ 21 Children's Literature
Q 23 Science
R 23 Medicine
S 23 Agriculture
T (except for TR) 23 Technology
TR 9 Photography
U 23 Military Science
V 23 Military Science
Z 21 Bibliography

Note: If the call number is followed by either the word Folio or the word Oversize, it is too large to fit on the standard shelves and is located on Ranges 1 or 2 of the floor.