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sound room

Make podcasts, audiobooks, music and more in our sound rooms


During staffed hours, anyone with an active UCard may use the production spaces or borrow equipment. We required patrons to provide an active UCard for any borrowing.  These resources are available for personal, academic, and business use.

Workstations require a valid NetID and password to use and are available for use during staffed or unstaffed hours.

Walk-ins and Reservations  

Walk-ins and reservations for production spaces are available.  Equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis.  When borrowing a room, the borrower has the room for one hour unless there is a reservation that overlaps that hour, in which the reservation will be prioritized. 

Production Spaces

Video Production Studios

The lab contains 2 video production studios for chroma-key photo and video production. Both studios are roughly 25x20 feet which can accommodate small groups of 6 people .

Reserve a Media Production Studio

Studio 2 360 Image Click to view the room in mobile VR One of the most significant changes for us is the creation of ‘sound suppressed studios’ for a variety of productions. Our flagship room ‘Studio 1’ provides all the tools necessary to record professional audio/visual content.

Documentary film production with atmospheric lighting is a crucial feature for this space. The ceiling rail system gives us flexibility for the positioning of lights and recording equipment while increasing floor level safety. As we are part of the UMass Makerspace Community, this departmental agnostic space will give staff, students, and entrepreneurs the ability to showcase their talents and really capture their stories.

Studio 1  360 Image Click to view the room in mobile VR 

Studio 2 provides a versatile workspace with the ability to produce high-end productions. It providesSimilar features to the 1st studio room with the addition of a green screen wall. This space can also be used as a collaborative meeting space, a video conference room, and a presentation practice room.Our work in these rooms is how we reimagine the campus of the future with more hands-on learning experiences in flexible spaces.

Sound Rooms

Four sound rooms of varying size are available for high-quality audio recording.  Review available equipment in and for these rooms.  Click to view the room in mobile VR 

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Large Sound Room 1 and 4

Small Sound Room 2 and 3

Sound rooms of varying size are available for high-quality audio recording.  

  • Rooms 1 and 4:  6x9 ft, accommodates 1-6 persons.
  • Rooms 2 and 3:  4x6 ft, accommodate 1-2 persons.

The keys are available for check out at the DML service desk. 

Sound Rooms 1 and 4 have build in I-Mac, Keyboard, Speakers and Audio Monitors;

Sound Rooms 2 and 3 have speakers and audio monitors; and you can check out the Macbook and snowball at DML service desks 



Extended Reality

We offer our Extended reality in our Extended Reality room.  Review our

Reserve a Extended Reality Room  

Large Sound Room 1 and 4

 VR page for more information. 

Extended Reality Room 1  360 Image  Click to view the room in mobile VR 

This will be our flagship extended reality room with a wall-mounted TV where we can stream VR content from the headsets. This makes it a great tool for small class instruction. Our headsets have 6 degrees of freedom tracking. In a similar manner to the film The Matrix, using the online platform SketchFab (The YouTube of 3D models), we can load any 3D object into a VR or AR space and walk around it. For Augmented Reality, the patterns on the carpet actually help with the tracking.

Extended Reality Room 2  360 Image   Click to view the room in mobile VR 


With virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality paving the way for innovation and accessibility, all of these key terms and technologies fall under the umbrella of ‘extended reality,’ so we have created two rooms to support these cutting-edge technologies.

Here students can explore everything from Virtual reality and augmented reality to computer programing through app development for mobile devices. We will be launching formalized extended reality consultation services and drop-in hardware testing stations for anyone to experiment with this new technology.

The blue walls provide a secondary function past aesthetics to enable mixed reality with video tracking.

We will support events and small meeting spaces for after-hours student groups and organizations such as the Virtual Reality Student Group that we established.

I envision this space as a sandbox for developing Artificial Intelligence – chatbots, virtual assistants like SIRI and Alexa…..a place for programing robots….and a place to push the boundaries of innovation.

Work Stations

24 computer workstations, 18 Macs and 6 PC's, are available with in multimedia software for recording and editing video & audio recordings, 3D modeling, graphic design, animation, and video game production. Workstations require a valid NetID and password to login, and are available for use during staffed and unstaffed hours. 

View our Software Catalog.

Equipment Borrowing

Any patron with an active UCard may borrow equipment from the library.  Borrowing durations range from 3 hours to 3 days.  Some items are limited to in-lab use only.  Please check with staff for any restrictions.  We don't provide batteries unless the item comes with a rechargeable battery. 

View our Equipment Catalog 

Pro Tier

There are two types of equipment:  standard and Pro Tier.  Pro Tier items require a review of cost and/or operation.  Patrons and staff are required to complete a Pro Tier form prior to borrowing.   Pro Tier equipment items are not available for renewal as patrons will be restricted to borrow the item for one week.  

Staffed Hours

Sunday-Thursday 12-10pm
Friday & Saturday 12-5pm

Production Rooms

Monday-Thursday 12-9pm
Friday - Saturday  12-4pm
Sunday  2-9pm

3D Print Services

Monday-Friday 12-5pm

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