The University of Massachusetts Amherst

3D Print Policy

    1. The Library 3D printers may be used only for lawful purposes. No one is permitted to use 3D printing to create material that is:
      1. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others. 
      2. For example, no weapons (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 269, Section 10(j))
      3. Firearms or dangerous weapons per UMPD Weapons Advisory
    2. In violation of intellectual property rights.
    3. Print requests will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
    4. The Library staff reserve the right to change the print queue as needed and the Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.
    5. Print quality or functionality is not guaranteed.
    6. Printed items are to be picked up within 14 days.
    7. Only designated Library staff have hands-on access to the 3D printers.