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Digital Media Lab Operations Change Due to COVID-19

The Digital Media Lab has modified its offerings due to COVID-19.  You can find information about these specific changes on the services pages.  Please contact DML staff with any questions, 

3D Print Service Availability Fall 2020

We will provide consultations and 3D printing production for our campus population for personal, academic, or professional production.  

We will not produce prints for public patrons at this time.  We are available for consultations related to learning about 3D printing technology,  related software (3D modeling, model evaluation, etc), and more.


Download It

3D model repositories, such as MakerBot's, host 3D print files for download that patrons can print and/or edit.  3D print results, when using a free-to-use file, are not guaranteed.  

Scan It

Scanning with lasers or using a camera allow to create 3D models of objects or people. Patrons can use our MakerBot Digitizers, Sense hand-held scanner, or a camera/smart phone.  Scan times can run from a few minutes to 12 min.  

Sense hand-held scanner

  • Availability:  1 Day Loan
  • Scan Area:  9x9x9 ft
  • Resolution:  0.9 mm
  • Software:  Free-to-download

Create It

3D prints can be created from any modeling software that exports files as .stl or .obj.  Be aware that not all 3D software create models that are suitable for 3D printing.  All models will be evaluated by our staff to make sure your file is printable.  If a file is not considered printable by our staff, then we will inform patrons that they will need to edit their file before printing can begin.   


We recommend Solid Modeling or CAD (Computer Aided Design) 3D modeling software.  This software is intended to create models that will eventually exist in the real world and help avoid modeling issues concerning 3D printing.  It is possible to use Mesh modeling software for 3D printing, but it may prove problematic unless modelers have an understanding of 3D printing best practices.  If you are unsure about best practices for 3D modeling for 3D printing, please see one of our consultants.

Solid Modeling

    • TinkerCAD (Recommended, entry level, interactive tutorials, web-based app, Free-to-Use)
    • Fusion 360 (Free-to-Use for students and faculty)
    • Solidworks (Windows Only)

Mesh Modeling

Patrons can use non-CAD software but should research or ask our 3D print staff for best practices when creating 3D models for 3D printing to avoid delays in producing a print project.  

    • SketchUp Make (Free-to-Use, Recommend to install 3d printing extensions)
    • Autodesk Maya (Free-to-Use for students and faculty)
    • Blender (Open source, so its free for everyone)
    • Autodesk MudBox (Free-to-Use for students and faculty)
    • Scultpris (Free-to-Use)
    • ZBrush     

Contact Us

Phone: 413-545-6258

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