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Hubert Humphrey being shouted down by UMass students [Download]

Lester Jackson on the assassination of George Jackson [Download]

A founder of the Massachusetts Review, Sidney Kaplan was an major supporter of the arts and humanities on UMass campus during the 1950s through 1970s.

Sidney Kaplan oral history [Download]

Edward M. Kennedy lecture [Download]

Frank Kermode lecture, part 1 [Download]

Frank Kermode lecture, part 2 [Download]

A former professional football player, Kopay was among the first athletes to announce publicly that he was gay.

David Kopay lecture, part 1 [Download]

David Kopay lecture, part 2 [Download]

Arthur Kopit conversation [Download]

Bill Lee Distinguished Vistors Program lecture [Download]

Donald B. Louria lecture [Download]

Interviews with four members of the MAC class of 1919.

Part 1 [Download]

Part 2 [Download]

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