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Frank Abagnale was one of the most colorful con men and forgers in America during the 1960s, posing variously as a doctor, pilot, teacher, and attorney. After his capture by the FBI in 1969 and release from prison in 1974, Abagnale reinvented himself as a security consultant for banks. His life story was made into a book, which in turn was made into a motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio. NB: the recording includes some small lacunae.

Distinguished Visitors Program lecture, part 1 [Download]

Distinguished Visitors Program lecture, part 2 [Download]

Author, renaissance man, and science fiction visionary.

Isaac Asimov Distinguished Visitors Program lecture, part 1 [Download]

Part 2 [Download]

A social activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, Julian Bond has been a member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, helped found the Southern Poverty Law Center, and has been President of the NAACP.

Part 1 [Download]

Part 2 [Download]

Sen. Edward W. Brooke speaking at UMass [Download]

A socialist, philosopher, activist, and academic, Angela Davis was a prominent voice for the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power during the 1960s and 1970s.

Angela Davis lecture [Download]

A military analyst with the RAND Corporation and employee of both the Defense and State Departments, Ellsberg became an opponent of the war in Vietnam and came to national attention in the late 1960s for his role in releasing the Pentagon Papers. In 1980, Ellsberg came to UMass Amherst at the invitation of the university’s Distinguished Visitors Program to speak in support the Nuclear Freeze initiative on the state ballot.

Daniel Ellsberg Distinguished Visitors Program lecture, part 1 [Download]

Daniel Ellsberg lecture, part 2 [Download]

Daniel Ellsberg lecture, part 3 [Download]

A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the New York Times, David Halberstam was renowned for his coverage of the Civil Rights Movement and the War in Vietnam. Halberstam was invited to campus as part of the Distinguished Visitors Program in 1976, discussing the impact of science and technology on American politics and foreign policy.

David Halberstam lecture, part 1 [Download]

David Halberstam lecture, part 2 [Download]

A former professional football player, Kopay was among the first athletes to announce publicly that he was gay.

David Kopay lecture, part 1 [Download]

David Kopay lecture, part 2 [Download]

Bill Lee Distinguished Vistors Program lecture [Download]

A brick layer and mason from Holly Springs, Miss., Alfred “Skip” Robinson was founder of the civil rights organization, the United League of Mississippi. Anchored in the Black churches, the United League took part in a series of marches and protests in Tupelo, Miss., in 1978. A year after he delivered the Distinguished Visitors Program lecture at UMass, Robinson was awarded the Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award.

Skip Robinson lecture, introduction [Download]

Skip Robinson lecture, part 1 [Download]

Skip Robinson lecture, part 2 [Download]

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