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Teaching Commons Equipment


  • LCD projector/pulldown screen
  • Comfortable seating for 7
  • Portable flat screen monitor(s) for presentation/display for up to 12 people


  • Comfortable seating (armchairs) for 7
  • Rolling office chairs for 20+ (extra available in nearby storage if needed)
  • Collaborative workrooms (2 available), including 32” flat screen display and laptop connection; room can accommodate up to 5 users


  • 9 iMac computers with dual boot capability (Windows and Mac OS platform cross-compatible)
  • 2 PC computers (Dell)
  • 1 full-color scanner
  • 1 photocopier, interoperable w/ Pharos
  • Laptop (PC) with webcam and headset, for connection channel to Instructional Media Lab in LGRC