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Image Collection Library Contact Information

Image Collection Library
221 Bartlett Hall
130 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9269
545-3314 (voice)
545-3135 (fax)

Image Collection Library Staff

Brian Shelburne
Head of ICL

Annie Sollinger
Digital Image Metadata Librarian

Mike Foldy
Senior Image Cataloging & Processing Asst

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 12-4 PM

(Other times by appointment)


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Borrowing Slides

As part of the agreement with the Art History program that created the Image Collection Library, the faculty members of that program have absolute priority for the circulation of the collection.

Art History faculty: 

Since the slide collection was created and built at the sole expense of the Art History program, faculty in that program may:

  • Borrow slides in unlimited numbers for an unspecified length of time.
  • Any slides borrowed out by non-Art History faculty are subject to an instant recall should an Art History faculty member require those slides.
Other UMass Amherst faculty members may borrow slides with certain stipulations:
  • Borrowers must check with the Image Collection Library staff to ensure that an Art History faculty member may not require the slides in the immediate future.
  • Non-Art History borrowers must return the slides within 24 hours of borrowing them.
  • Non-Art History borrowers must be prepared to return any borrowed slides immediately upon notice that they are required by an Art History faculty member.
To borrow slides:
  • For any assistance in finding specific works, or for a general orientation to the collection, see the Image Collection Library staff.
  • Choose the slides you require, replacing them in the collection with a color chip that corresponds to your status
  • For 5 slides or less, you may fill out the Slide Check-out form if you prefer
  • For over 5 slides, bring them to an Image Collection Library staff person and we will photocopy them as a record of what you are borrowing. You will receive a copy of the sheet.
  • On the Library copy, fill out your name, department, the date, and your email address
  • Get a box for the slides from the Image Collection Library staff
To return borrowed slides:
  • Slides are due 24 hours after checkout unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Check what you are returning against your photocopy of what was checked out to you.
  • Place the slides in the return box – you may keep your photocopy if you wish.


Last Edited: 27 September 2013