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Carrel Policy

On April 26, 2006, the Faculty Senate Research Library Council approved the following new policy on the assignment of carrels in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. The Library Circulation Services Department assumed sole responsibility for the assignment of carrels.
As the number of carrels will not meet the demand, the Faculty Senate Research Library Council established a priority assignment of carrels by user and carrel (size and location) type on a semester or yearly basis. “Day use” or “unassigned” carrels have been set aside on the 7th and 10th floors for the convenience of students looking for a quiet place to study or research away from the Lower Level and 2nd and 3rd floor quiet study areas. 

Priority for carrel assignment

  1. Doctoral students and retired faculty.
  2. Masters’ students.
  3. Faculty, post-docs, visiting scholars, and research staff (staff should provide documentation from their supervisor to justify a carrel to facilitate research).

Timeline for carrel assignment:

August 27 – September 30

  • Large (window) carrels will be assigned to two individuals on a shared basis. Those who prefer an individual carrel will be assigned to one of the small interior carrels.
  • Small interior carrels will be assigned to one individual as available.

In the event all carrels are assigned, a waiting list will be kept.  When a carrel becomes available, the next person on the waiting list will be informed and will have ten days to visit Circulation Services and sign out the carrel. Contact Circulation/Reserves (5-2624 or for assistance.